Finca La Granja: Cheesemaker pride

We want you to enjoy our cheeses, to delve into them, and we want your palate to analyse the nuances, to savour the raw milk, to appreciate all the artisanal work behind every bite.

At Finca La Granja, we are proud of those moments when both you or your guests cannot help but tasting one more piece, because that makes us worthy heirs of our great cheesemaking tradition.

Our brands

Chisquero Cheese


The aroma of tradition and craftsmanship await you behind this cheese that has a minimum 3-month ripening.

Delve into it

Mingolucas Cheese


Feel the soft intensity of sheep’s milk on your palate with this cheese that has a minimum 2-month ripening.

Delve into it


At La Granja, we have a family tradition of making sheep milk Manchego cheese for almost two centuries.


Artisanal cheese represents grazing and raw milk, filling by hand and with care, at a slow pace.


Our cheeses have received numerous national and international awards for their unparalleled flavour.

Cured Manchego Cheeses

Let the intensity of a flavour that lingers on the palate and in the memory seduce you.

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Semi-Cured Manchego Cheeses

Savour the nuances of sheep’s milk that still remain in these artisanal cheeses.

Delve into them

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    manchego cheeses

    Delve into our history

    Flavour, texture and ripening. These are the bases on which we create our Artisanal Manchego Cheeses at Finca La Granja. With a cheesemaking family history that dates back to the 19th century, we want to give you the opportunity to feel the intensity of the Manchega sheep’s milk that we continue to graze as we did in the past.

    Experience the golden and green colours of our fields, the scent of the oaks and the passion for handmade work in every bite of Chisquero or Mingolucas. We watch over every detail, from the land where the grasslands for our animals grow, the care for the milk and the making of the curd, to the slow ripening and finishing process.

    Immerse yourself in a world of salting, drying and ripening for a minimum period of 60 days, in which time control and a deep knowledge on milk’s life cycle are essential for our cheeses. A world, in short, created to remind you that, from time to time, you need to enjoy life at a different pace. Close your eyes and let yourself be seduced by the softness, intensity and aroma of our land.

    Our Manchego Cheeses

    Well-made artisanal work becomes apparent. This is evidenced by the awards won by our products over the years. Good examples are the World Cheese Award Super Gold 2018-2019, where the Semi-Cured Chisquero is among the best 78 cheeses in the world, or the Castilla-La Mancha Grand Selection Awards 2018 for Foods, where the Artisanal Cured and Semi-Cured Chisquero reached Silver Selection.

    The flavour of our handmade cheese also won over the jury of the Expovicaman Manchego Cheese Regional Contest, among others. The Semi-Cured Cheese won first award in 2019, and the Cured Cheese won the second award in 2018, winning the first place in the 2017 and 2016 editions.

    Over the years, our know-how has received many other awards, but we are still missing one: yours. Your verdict on the flavour, aroma and texture of our Manchego Cheeses is really the one that matters most to us. Savour the heart of our grasslands and discover our philosophy of life.

    manchego cheeses