Your artisanal cheese suppliers

We are your suppliers of raw Manchega sheep milk artisanal cheese. We continue working according to a production method with almost two centuries of tradition.

Cheeses awarded at international level

Finca La Granja’s cheeses have been received both national and international awards. Offer your customers this authentic delicacy, and they will come back.

Finca La Granja,
wholesale cheese distributor

Our goal is to improve your results by adding our cheeses to your menu. This is why we take care of the entire manufacturing process, from the grazing of our sheep, to the drying, ripening and regular tipping of the pieces, to the feeding of our animals and the manual introduction of the curd into the moulds.

We work on every detail so that your end customer can savour all the nuances of flavour of our Manchegan pasture. In this way, their perception of your business and our brand is simultaneously enhanced. Let’s work together to achieve it.

Cured and Semi-Cured Cheeses

We are distributors of artisanal Manchego cheeses, both cured and semi-cured. The first category undergoes a curing process that may extend for up to six months (so they have less water and whey at the end of the process), while the second category is cured for only up to two to three months.


Let the intensity of a flavour that lingers on the palate and in the memory seduce you.

Delve into Cured Cheeses


Savour the nuances of sheep’s milk that still remain in these artisanal cheeses.

Delve into Semi-Cured Cheeses

Our brands

The Chisquero and Mingolucas Cheeses (with a minimum ripening of 3 and 2 months respectively) are made by, and for the palate of your customers. Both are made with raw Manchega sheep milk freely grazed in the pasture all year round

Chisquero Cheese


The aroma of tradition and craftsmanship await you behind this cheese that has a minimum 3-month ripening

Delve into it

Mingolucas Cheese


Feel the soft intensity of sheep’s milk on your palate with this cheese that has a minimum 2-month ripening.

Delve into it

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